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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Bmshless Upgrade 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" 

Brushless Upgrade 

Written By: Daryoon 



• CA adhesive (1) 

• Nano CPX Mild brushless kit M) 

• Phillips screwdriver (1) 

short length of 24 or 26 gauge wire (1) 

• Sandpaper (1) 

• Solder (1) 

The thinner it is, the easier it is to work 
with. 1 like .8mm solder. 

• Soldering iron (1) 

• Tweezers (1) 

• X-Acto knife (1) 


The Blade Nano CP X is a great small R/C helicopter. However, its brushed main motor can 
die prematurely. Let's fix that with an aftermarket kit by Astroid Designs. 

This guide will provide step-by-step instructions on how to replace the stock brushed motor 
with a more efficient and powerful brushless motor that utilizes BLHeli code to govern the 
heads peed. 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

Step 1 — Prepare Nano CP X for upgrading 

• Remove the 3in1 main board and landing gear. 

• Remove main shaft assembly. 

• Scrape rubbery adhesive that helps fix the main gear to the shaft. The entire 
main shaft assembly will lift up once you slide off the main gear and disconnect 
the servo links from the swashplate. 

• Remove both side servos. 

• Remove tail boom. 

• Finally, remove the stock brushed motor from the frame by pushing up from the bottom 
The motor will slide out once the black rubbery glue gives. 

• Optional: You can remove the bearings from the frame to prevent accidentally 
getting CA on them. Likewise, you can remove the remaining pitch servo. 



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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

Step 2 — Install Frame Braces 

1 ■(■ - -i 

■ III ■■■■ -1 


|v f 1 

• Use sandpaper to lightly roughen each of the included CF braces and the areas of main 
frame they will be attached to. This step ensures proper glue adhesion. 

Use a toothpick to apply CA to the front part of the frame between the main board mounts 
the roughened part as seen in the second picture. 

• Attach the vertical front frame brace as shown. Tweezers help! 
Step 3 — Install Frame Braces (continued 2) 

• With the vertical frame brace installed, you may cut and remove the two uprights that 
surrounded the stock motor. 

• Next, cut a small notch for the motor clearance. See photo #2. 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

Step 4 — Install Frame Braces (continued 3) 


Hi jP^WT lis* 1 ' " '- V 


5 VkM ".-W^^^^k 

• Next, reinsert the stock motor into the frame. The stock motor will help to align the lower 
CF brace into the proper position. 

• Some minor fitting of the brace may be required to seat it just right. Then carefully CA glue 
the brace into place. Again, I like applying CA using a toothpick for control. 

• Take care not to accidentally glue the stock motor to the brace or frame. 


• Finish by installing the final CF brace into the upper stock motor mount hole. See photo #2. 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

Step 5 — Brushless Motor Installation 

Before installing the new brushless motor, we need to cut or file out a notch for the motor 
lead. See photo #1 . 

• Now, install the brushless motor, ensuring that the motor leads line up with the notch. 

■ Take care with the motor leads, especially where they enter the motor. The 
wires are fragile. 

• The latest brushless kit comes with the CNC-machined ABS adapter ring already 
preinstalled and motor windings secured. 

• Reinstall the main shaft and gear. Now, check and set the gear mesh to your liking. When 
using a new main gear, I like to set the mesh a little on the tight side on the tightest 
meshing part of the gears. You can file/trim the opening for the motor to set the mesh. 

• Finally, secure the motor to the frame with a small amount of CA. 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

Step 6 — Reinstall Servos 

• Find the spacer and associated screws from your brushless kit. The spacer will move the 
servos outward by a about 2.5mm so that they clear the brushless outrunner motor. 

• Install the spacer with the longer screws included in the kit. I like to squish the spacer 
tubes once the screw has been inserted. This helps the spacers stay on the screws. 

• When installing on a brand new frame, it's best to insert a screw into the new holes 
to pre-thread them. It will make servo installation much easier. 

• You can apply a little bit of CA on the diagonal spacer tube that accepts no screw to help 
keep it on the frame. 


Step 7 — Check for Clearance 

• Install both side servos and check for clearance. The brushless motor should not rub on 
any part of the servo board. 

The front left servo plug has very little clearance, so you should plug in that servo before 
completely tightening the two screws that secure the RX board onto the frame. See photo 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

Step 8 — ESC Installation 

• The Nano CP X brushless kit comes with a XP-3A ESC that has been pre-flashed with 
BLHeli and also pre-configured to receive a negative PWM signal input. This allows you to 
solder to the lower left leg main motor FET as shown in photo #2. 

• 24 or 26 gauge wire is recommended between the ESC and RX. Make sure to double- 
check the polarity. It is clearly labeled on the XP-3A. 

• It's best practice to solder the three motor wires directly to the ESC. The wires can initially 
be soldered to any point. When you power up, give throttle and check the rotation of the 
main blades. They should rotate clockwise. If the rotor spins the opposite way, simply 
swap any two motor wires to correct the rotation of your main blades. 

• You are now finished with the installation! See the concluding remarks below for 
additional steps and info. 

Congratulations. You finished the brushless upgrade. Some quick notes about transmitter 

For the Mild kit, set your pitch travel adjust to L85 H85 and set your idle-up (stunt mode) throttle 
curves to a flat value between 68-75% as recommended by Dylan of Astroid Designs . From that 
reference point, you can adjust the throttle curve as well as pitch curves to your liking. 

The brushless motor and ESC require an arming sequence after you insert the LiPo. Simply flip 
off throttle hold, move the throttle stick up, then back down. You will hear a series of musical 
tones to indicate arming is complete. Go to the Heli Freak brushless Nano subforum if you need 
more help with this concept. 

Dylan compiled some BLHeli resources that can be found on this page . 

Technical Summary: 

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Blade Nano CP X "Mild" Brushless Upgrade 

The XP-3A ESC in the kit comes pref lashed with BLheli. It is preconfigured to run a Main 
Governor TX mode and motor signal input polarity is Negative. 

Main Governor P-Gain and Main Governor l-Gain are both set at x 2.00. Startup Power is set at 
x 1.25. 

You can download the setup ini file here with the parameters flashed to the XP-3A. 

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